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Elektron Multispot Welding Equipment

Developments in the welding of high-strength and super high-strength steels in modern bodywork construction also make new demands on spot-welding systems for repairs.


Many new cars are made of new Boron Steel meaning not all welding machines are suitable to repair this type of bodywork.

Here at Preston Farm Body & Paint we use the Elektron Multispot MI-100 Inverter Welder. Its computer controlled current regulation produces constant and accurately reproducible results under all conditions.


The Elektron MX-3900 Double Sided Weld Gun offers High Tip Pressure, for welding of High Strength Steels. With larger opening angle between electrodes and no leakage of water when changing the electrodes - the MX-3900 completes the MI-100 Inverter Welder.


Using the highest standard of equipment means our customers get the strongest repair available.


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