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Genius iQ spectrophotometer

The new Genius iQ spectrophotometer from Standox: German technology for even better colour management

With the innovative technology of the new Genius iQ from Standox, refinishers can find the right colour formula for car repairs quickly and reliably. In doing so, the Wuppertal paint brand is bringing new advanced technology for digital colour management onto the market.

The new Genius iQ spectrophotometer from Standox is based on the latest measuring technology: LED technology right at the measuring point allows for extremely accurate colour readings. In addition to the colour, the device also reads the effect of the paint. And thanks to the small measuring aperture, refinishers can measure the colour much closer to the damage than with other devices.

Genius iQ 2_2017.jpg

In addition to the advanced technology, Genius iQ offers a number of other new features to help professional bodyshops find the right colour formula. For example, refinishers who use Standowin iQ on tablets or smartphones, can call up the identified colour formulas right next to the vehicle saving a trip to the mixing room, which results in more flexible workflows and helps to increase profitability.


The "made in Germany" design of the new spectrophotometer has also been improved: Genius iQ is smaller, more manageable and light and easy to operate with one hand. It has a large-area colour touch-screen display with easy-to-understand icons for intuitive operation. Three small lights on the device indicate the status of the colour measurement.


The blue LED lights up during the measuring process; the green LED lights up when the measurements are successful; and the red LED is displayed if the measurements are incorrect. Genius iQ also has powerful rechargeable batteries, which are immediately recharged when as the device is on the charging station provided.

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